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Post by makemeunreal » Mon Oct 23, 2017 12:09 pm

DM Carbon [W.I.P]

Bein' made for the 3071uu Mappin' Contest which you can check out heeere:

Preview shot:


I hope I'll have time to work on my custom skybox texture you can see on the first shot. Made it in a rush.
The map itself is pretty chaotic and twisted, also buggy like :mad2: :satan: :mad2: .
I hope you'll enjoy playin' it as much as I enjoyed mappin' without any plan, or idea.

For those missin' a package called Nali:


You are free to use the custom ShaneDay textures I made.
Note that the textures were edited in a rush, I'll release a better version as soon as I'll have the mood to work on it. ... o.utx?dl=1


Here we go: ... n.rar?dl=1

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