May 2018 - servers update

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May 2018 - servers update

Post by Pileyrei » Sat Jun 02, 2018 10:53 pm

For some reason the DM13 Deck 16 server subscription has been renewed. Apparently I cancelled it from next year. So I've taken the cost of the chin and the server will stay another year.

The DM/CTF server has been reconfigured for DM and CTF only.
Only a few mods like the Smart Scoreboard and some Flag announcements for CTF matches.
Otherwise its pretty much classic DM and CTF maps (and others!)

So there you have it. These forums and both servers stay up another year.

I need your help to keep them busy.
Please join the servers even if they are empty. Play a game or two - players might then join. Try some of the classic tournament game maps - bet you have forgotten some :mrgreen:

Report any problems or download issues (there should not be download issues!).

Finally, suggestions are always welcome.

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